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Holiday Gift Guide: For Mamas

Holiday Gift GuideMegan WhitsonComment

My mama has always been such a wonderful gift giver - it is sometimes a challenge as an adult to try to get her equally awesome presents…but like all mama’s, all she really wants for Christmas is to have her babies home (even if we are all grown).

I can’t wait to graduate and start getting a “big girl” paycheck again because I’ll be able to get my mama some awesome Christmas presents next year! Not that she wants that from me at all - like I said, she is just super happy to have her children home…but I just love gifting her bc she has given so, so much (far more than presents) to me. <3 Mamas are simply the best and I’ve been blessed with an amazing one.

So here is a gift guide for all the mamas, aunts, grandmamas and other special women who love and influence us in our lives <3

1. I just love this hand mixer - and it comes in so many fun colors! My mama is an amazing baker and passed along that love to me too. — $29.99


2. What a beautiful gardening set! This gift comes with the promise of spring for all the gardening mama’s out there :) — $75


3. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw Blanket: Y’all. I have been eyeing this blanket for literally YEARS. Barefoot Dreams blankets are SO incredibly soft and last forever. A perfect gift for your mama — $147


4. I think ANY coffee lover would die to have this Nespresso maker, not just mama’s. In fact, I think it would look pretty good sitting on my own kitchen counter one day ;) It also comes in black and cream (just like coffee haha) — $246


5. I don’t know about y’all…but my sweet mama is a BIG lover of cozy pjs - just like these cute Print Joggers in Modal from GAP. I feel like most mama’s buy their kiddos cute Christmas pjs, why not return the favor this year? :) — $40


6. How beautiful are these handblown glass pitchers. Sold on Food52 and part of the Shelter Collection, these pitchers were designed in Charleston, SC; and then, created in Star, North Carolina. After the closing of a factory in Star left a large portion of the town unemployed, nonprofit STARworks used the vacant building to start a full-scale ceramics and glassblowing studio, reviving the community economy by drawing artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. The Shelter Collection is a testament to the power of art in rebuilding communities. LOVE THIS Y’ALL. (The blue is my favorite!) — $84


7. I am a big believer in essential oils and I love Plant Therapy on Amazon. I used to use Young Living but unfortunately that’s a little too much for me on a student budget…Plant Therapy USDA certified organic line that I’ve really loved. Give your Mama the gift of wellness <3 — $30


8. May I Come In? : This gorgeous book showcases over 75 unique private homes; ‘an irresistible visual record of the art of living by one of its most penetrating observers,’ Wendy Goodman. — $50


9. Tickets to her favorite off-Broadway show - to go see with YOU! :) This will give her something fun to look forward to in 2019. PS: if anyone wants to buy me tickets to Hamilton for Christmas, I will truly be your best friend for.ever. ;)


And if you’re like me and just don’t have much of a budget right now…just know that your mama will be so happy just to have you home for the holidays if you’re able to be there <3 Get up early one morning - make the coffee, cook her breakfast, enjoy a cozy morning together. If you can’t be there, mail her a card and tell her how much you love her and how thankful you for her. It’s the little things.

Happy Friday loves! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be out playing in the snow with my sister - woohoo! Headed to Sundance today :)

Big Love & Pura Vida