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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Favorite Fella

Holiday Gift GuideMegan WhitsonComment

Soooo…gift giving is kinda my love language and I absolutely LOVE picking out presents for Will every year for his birthday and Christmas…and sometimes just because ;) We’ve decided not to do gifts for each other this year though since he will be flying out to visit me several times in UT and we want to save our money for flights and our experiences together. BUT if I were going to be showering him with presents - these are few that would make the list!

These are also great ideas for dads, brothers, cousins, partners, best guy friends, co-workers, etc…

Who is your favorite fella to gift on Christmas? Let me know what you think! <3

1. A fun gradient puzzle: perfect for a date night in and pretty enough to frame if you want! — $20


2. For a BBQ lovin’ fella: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Sauce Bucket has 5 small batch specialty sauces featuring all of the South’s favorite regionals. — $49.95


3. A truffle burger kit for your favorite grill master! These burgers are made from short rib, brisket, chuck and blended with Italian Urbani black summer truffles…how glorious does that sound! It also comes with speciality truffle ketchup and mustards. — $62


4. Have a stylin’ fella OR a fella that needs some stylin’ … give them a gift subscription to Trunk Club. All trunks start with a $25 styling fee (from a personalized stylist) and each piece starts at $25 or higher. Whatever your guy keeps, the $25 styling fee will go towards :) It’s a great gift for dudes who don’t want to be bothered with shopping or styling themselves! — varied prices


5. Speaking of subscriptions…is your man a coffee lover? How about a coffee club subscription that delivers fresh coffee from all over the world?? Atlas Coffee Club does just that! Each month includes a 1/2 bag up to 2 full bags of coffee, a postcard and description from the country of origin, along with tasting notes and brewing tips - HOW COOL. — $9 to $60

BONUS…they are running a holiday special offering $10 off your first order!

BONUS…they are running a holiday special offering $10 off your first order!

6. An essential oil diffuser is a great gift for any guy - and sometimes one that they might not think to buy for themselves. Aromatherapy is IN y’all…and for good reason :) My fella loves his essential oil diffusers; he has one for his bedroom AND his office. I love this one and this one from Amazon (currently on sale too)! — $30

7. Amazon Smart Plugs work with Alexa and can be used for any outlet in your love’s space…instead of fighting over who has to get up to turn off the lights, just ask Alexa to do it instead ;) There are also options that work with Google Home! — $17 to $25


8. Fun and funky bourbon glasses are always a win in my book. You can also include a bottle of your man’s favorite bourbon or whiskey with the glass set! — $35


9. Speaking of adult beverages…maybe your fella isn’t a whiskey drinker but a craft beer lover? Check out this states beer cap map! Fun, right?! Available for 50 states. — $36


10. How about a super soft, vintage-inspired tee or hoodie from his alma mater (or just favorite college team)…AE’s new line offers shirts/hoodies for over 46 colleges. I think this Clemson hoodie might go to Will this year, just so I can steal it ;) — starting at $32 (all apparel is currently 25-50% off!)


That’s it for now guys! I hope this gave you some ideas for your favorite dude. I’ll probably have at least one more “fella gifts” post coming soon for you.

Big Love & Pura Vida! Have an awesome Thursday tomorrow! <3