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Tuesday Things

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Hello, hello. As I said in my previous post (back in February! Yikes!), this is a super busy time of life right now: I have 4 weeks left of my LAST rotation, I’m cramming for boards and also trying to pack as much Utah/southwest adventure in as I can before I head back to the East coast in early May. I have so, so much to share with you guys about all of my outdoor adventures over the past months…but a lot of that will have to wait until I get past graduation :) If you want to keep up with my weekend adventures, follow along on my Instagram: @puravidacharleston <3

Delicate Arch at sunset : March 23, 2019

Delicate Arch at sunset : March 23, 2019

I thought I’d do a Tuesday Things post for my “study break” today. I hope you enjoy! If you have any YOU MUST DO/SEE THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE UTAH, please comment and let me know :)

I should also mention quickly that I have absolutely loved my last rotation. I have been working on the NAC (neuro acute care) and NCC (neuro critical care) at the University of Utah since the beginning of February. It has been everything I could possibly dream and then so much more. I have wonderful instructors and I literally feel like my heart might explode from how much I love my patients in this setting. I think that neuro rehab is still my #1 but working in the ICU with neuro patients is a pretty darn close 2nd. So unbelievably thankful for the 6 months that I’ve gotten to spend at the U.

Okay…onto Tuesday Things!

  1. I created a playlist for one of my patients last week based on some of his favorite music (which happens to be some of my favorite music too). If you’re looking for some happy, eclectic beats, you can check it out on my Spotify.

  2. Also on the music front, I just found this website the other day for some study tunes. It’s Electric Forest radio. It’s a free station with all the jams from EF artists <3 I’m LOVING it. I also really hope that I get to go to Electric Forest one day - check out this year’s lineup!

  3. Y’all, I have ZERO money right now but for some reason, one of my favorite study breaks has been online “window shopping” … the perfect white tee, the perfect maxi dress for Folly nights, and I am in love with this black jumpsuit. I would also 100% wear this white strapless jumpsuit…if I knew that my fake tan wouldn’t rub off on it - ha! ;)

  4. Did you realize that Dad’s are the original hipsters?

  5. Have you heard of Trail Sisters? SUCH a cool concept/organization. I’m hoping to join the SLC group for a few trail runs before I head back to South Carolina!

  6. My clinical instructor and I just ordered these awesome Stance socks for one of our patients for his birthday. Aren’t they fun?!

  7. I have been to some pretty incredible parks over the past few weeks (I’ll try to do posts on each of them eventually): Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Dead Horse Point, Big Cottonwood Creekside Park (disc golf) and Dimple Dell Regional Park (trail running).

  8. You guys know I love some thrifting - and here’s how it can help save the environment.

  9. When I was in Houston for my residency interview (I was offered a residency spot and have accepted - woohoo!), I checked out a few local breweries and was pretty darn impressed (in order of favorite): Platypus Brewing (Australian inspired, nice outdoor area, 6 pours per flight), Holler Brewing Co. (very cool vibe, eclectic beer options, 6 pours per flight) and Saint Arnold Brewing Company (oldest craft brewery in TX; beer was good, not great; HUGE, very cool outdoor area).

  10. And lastly, I’ll leave you with a few photos from my recent weekend adventures:

Maybe that was more than a few ;) These are from my early birthday trip to Zion and the Grand Canyon - I was lucky enough to get to experience a sunset (with champagne!) and a sunrise at the Grand Canyon…the pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice. I can’t wait to share more details and pictures with you guys soon.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Big Love & Pura Vida <3

Happy New Year...just a little late

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Happy New Year friends…and happy February! Sorry for being MIA for all of January - life has been wonderful and super busy since starting the new year. I do want to recap my awesome New Years adventures in Denver for you!

I had the absolute best time spending a long weekend over New Years in Denver, CO. I was able to find a really affordable flight from SLC to Denver. I stayed with my friends Kelly and Mike in Northglenn - they were amazing hosts and there was no shortage of amazing food (shout to to Kelly for the BEST charcuterie boards ever) and drinks throughout the long weekend. Kelly and Mike are actually new friends (Mike is my best friend Dana’s cousin) and man, it makes me so happy to meet cool people that I know I will continue to be friend with for a long time. They both exude positive energy and were so welcoming and kind to everyone who came into their home - they cultivate good vibes, which I am all about :)

I’m so thankful to have brought in the new year with new friends and old - there was no shortage of laughter and love. What a beautiful end and beginning <3

I flew in on Friday night and hung out with Kelly and Mike enjoying some local beers and having great conversation. We had a chill Saturday and ran a few errands around Northglenn getting ready for our pre-party for String Cheese Incident. They played a 3 night run (Dec. 28, 29 and 31) at 1STBANK Center right outside of Denver. We didn’t go to the 1st show but we went to the shows on the 29th and 31st … HOLY COW you guys - AH-MAZING. Saturday night’s show made me that much more excited for the true New Years show :)

On Sunday morning, I picked Will up from the airport (he flew in from Charlotte) and then we all went to brunch together at Kachina Southwestern Grill <— HIGHLY recommend. Super cool vibes and the food was absolutely delicious. Will and I split the smoked salmon bagel to start and then I had the Cooky’s Breakfast Bowl with Mexican pork green chile, pica de gallo, breakfast potatoes and over easy eggs. It was so fresh and flavorful … I am a big fan of any and all brunch spots - especially those that have bottomless mimosas ;)

After breakfast, we came back to the house to watch the some Sunday football and then we headed to RiNo (River North Art District of Denver). Other than the shows, I think this was my favorite part of the trip - there were so many cool restaurants, breweries, shops and awesome street art. I could have spent all day wandering around and admiring all of the street art. We went to several breweries and I was pleasantly surprised and stoked to find out that O’Dell’s now had a Denver location :)

O’Dell’s was excellent (as always); we also went to Ratio Beerworks (the art work inside and out was INCREDIBLE) and OMF (Our Mutual Friend). I was really impressed with all of the beers that I had while we were out. Despite it being pretty chilly, the entire RiNo area was beautiful and the people were all really friendly.

We crashed early and hard after our mid-day brewery hopping. On New Years Eve, Will, Dana and I went to Atomic Cowboy for some absolutely BOMB breakfast biscuits - it was frigid and dumping snow out, so we stayed in after that. We had to save up our energy for some major SCI jammin’ that night. The String Cheese NYE show was nothing short of spectacular. The energy in the stadium was amazing and it was awesome ringing in 2019 with thousands of new friends ;) This was the best Cheese show I’ve ever been to - and that is saying something haha. They never disappoint…the light show, floating dolphins, huge bouncing balls and acrobatics were definitely next level.

We all spent New Years Day lounging at Kelly and Mike’s before we all caught late flights back out. Will flew back to SLC with me and Dana headed home to Charlotte. January was jammed pack with adventures and work with finishing up my 3rd clinical rotation. I’ll try to pop in soon to share a few more updates from my January travels (it included a few weekend trips and lots of weekend visitors)!

Thanks for reading. It’s hard to blog consistency right now because of my work schedule, boards studying and residency applications. My goal is to try to still have 1-2 new posts per month during this super busy season of life. As always, much love and Pura Vida <3

Happy Saturday & Adventures Recap

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Happy Saturday loves! Or happy almost Sunday to my friends on the East coast :) How was your week? Can you BELIEVE it will be Christmas on Tuesday?! How the heck has that happened!

I just finished one of my 6-day work stretches (we have to work 3 Saturdays during this rotation)…but I really don’t mind because holy.cow.you.guys. I just love everything about my “job” - I put job in quotes because this is not technically a job. It is my 3rd rotation (out of 4) for PT school - we spend anywhere from 8-13 weeks in different physical therapy settings to gain experience and (hopefully) insight into what field of PT we would like to specialize in before graduation. So this is pretty much a job, with a lot of mentoring/supervision, but I don’t get paid yet ;) All of that to say…I am absolutely in love with inpatient rehab. I seriously wish that I could just graduate and come back to this exact location. I feel so grateful and humbled that I’ve been given this opportunity to work with some incredible people (patients and therapists).

I recently (um like 5 minutes ago) got sucked into the rabbit hole of Instagram looking at beautiful pictures of people’s recent adventures (mountains, ocean, travel, everything) and it had me reflecting on my own adventures from this past year…so I thought I’d share a few here with you guys :)

If you have suggestions for adventures to add to my 2019 Bucket List - please share! And if you’re in SLC and are in need of an adventure buddy, hit me UP yo. I promise I’m less douche-y than I sounded just then ;)

Drum circles & fire dancing on Folly…

Folly nights are my fave…and days. I miss Folly Beach and the people there SO much. Some of my best memories with Will are our Folly nights - it’s where I fell for him ;)

Folly sunrises…

Even more than Folly nights, I love Folly mornings. Sunrises on the edge of America press the reset button on my soul <3

Wedding sunsets…

The sunset at Will’s sister’s (Katie) wedding in October took my breath away. I love sunsets & I love weddings (Drinks all around! <—Name that movie). So together = happy heart :)

Beaufort sunsets… (are you seeing a theme here haha)

Hands down, the best part of living in Beaufort was being able to take in amazing sunsets every night. I lived less than a mile from a dock that had the best views so I would usually run over a few times a week to take it all in as the sun slipped down over the ocean.

Downtown Charleston bike rides…

Commute on King is hosted by Affordabike in downtown Charleston - it’s a free group (slow cruisin’) ride that happens monthly (I think). Super fun, chill and a great way to meet people :) It also ends at a brewery which is one of the best parts ;) I believe on this ride we ended up at Palmetto Brewing Company.

Crowder’s Mountain hike with my love…

Spending Saturday mornings hiking is the perfect start to the weekend. I can’t wait to start exploring southern Utah when it warms up in the spring :)

And more Folly sunsets - but this time at the pier, not the lighthouse…totally different ;)


This particular sunset was on Valentine’s Day of this year :) Will and I did a meditation out on Folly at sunset, walked along the beach and then ate at Jack of Cups (HIGHLY recommend…it’s one of Folly’s best kept secrets). We both wore black because we are festive AF ;)

Then there was sunset out on the fishing pier at James Island County Park…also a frequented sunset spot when I’m in Charleston :)

Paris Island Triathlon (Beaufort, SC)…

This was such a fun race! And it was even better because I got to do it with several of my really good friends :) I’m hoping to do another triathlon while I am in SLC…but the hills (aka MOUNTAINS) out here scare me haha

Nahko at The Music Farm in downtown Charleston…

Somehow I managed to rally the same night as the triathlon to go see Nahko at The Music Farm in March. This was my 5th time seeing Nahko live (usually Nahko and Medicine for the People) and he continues to blow my mind and touch my heart and soul every single time. Such an incredible night.

And now…this has obviously turned into a highlights of 2018 reel AND a best sunrises/sunsets recap haha. But I dig it - so I think I’ll stop here but I’m planning to continue with a few more 2018 recap posts of adventures and fun times. It’s fun to look back and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

Happy weekend loves. Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday tomorrow!


Big Love & Pura Vida <3