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Tuesday Things ...

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Hi friends!

Just popping in to share a few Tuesday things with you today :)

  1. In case you didn’t realize it yesterday, I absolutely love Charlotte and it’s up at the top of my list for areas I’d like to live after I graduate. I took the above picture when I was visiting Dana for a much needed respite after completing my first semester of PT school!

  2. Have you guys heard of megababe?! I am newly obsessed with it’s founder: Katie Sturino (highlyyy recommend giving her an Insta follow - she is so REAL and stylish as hell. Love it). Anyone tried the chafing stick (any fellow runners)? I want to give all these products a try!

  3. It is misty and cool out in Beaufort today and I finally feel ready to play some Avett Brothers because they are my FALL music. I just feel like driving through the mountains as the leaves are changing when I hear them <3

  4. How glorious is this chai-spiced apple skillet??? I see this being made in my very near future!

  5. I feel like I need this hat for fall you guys … I’m so scared of ordering hats online though bc I have a MEGADOME for a head haha. Seriously, I think I wear a large in dude’s hats ;)

  6. What’s everyone’s favorite pumpkin recipes they’ve made so far?? I am way behind on my pumpkin recipe creations but it’s been a little hard to feel like it’s fall when it has still consistently been in the high 80’s here in the lowcountry. Come on fall!

  7. I did try the Pumpkin Spice Rx Bar and it was glorious! I am about to splurge and order one of the boxes from Amazon.

  8. Fall TV shows…also way behind the times. What is everyone watching?? I just finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon and it was so, so, so well done! I was so sad when I realized there was only one season … but rumor has it that season 2 will be out soon!

Thanks for reading loves. Leave me all your TV show and fall/pumpkin recipe recommendations! Pura Vida <3

One more wedding pic from Saturday bc I love this dress and this man &lt;3

One more wedding pic from Saturday bc I love this dress and this man <3

PS…if you love this dress too, you can purchase it here :)

A perfect Charlotte weekend ...

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Hi friends!

I spent a lovely weekend up in the Charlotte, NC, area. My boyfriend’s sister, Katie, got married to her sweetheart of 6 years, Tony. It was a beautiful wedding and had so many crafty, personal touches that really showcased Katie’s creativity. She made an absolutely stunning bride and I can’t wait to see the professional pictures!

But rewind to the beginning of the weekend! I used the wedding location as the perfect excuse to catch up with one of my best friends in Charlotte - Dana! Dana and I met on a random Sunday afternoon at brunch when we each had our pups with us - best friend love is always best built over puppies and mimosas. We are a match made in Sunday heaven and she’s been my sister ever since.

Anyway, she now lives in Charlotte and I miss her like CRAZY so it was wonderful to share a little time with her! She took me to a new-to-me pizza place called Inizio. Y’all. I consider myself a bit of a pizza snob and this was some DAMN GOOD pizza. Holy yum…we split two thin crust specialty pies: the Margherita (San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Garlic, Pecorino) and the Maria (Seasonal Mushroom Blend, Truffle Crema, Roasted Garlic, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sea Salt, Pecorino) … and of course, wine <3 This was a home run spot with a perfect outdoor seating area with string lights (which are my love language). If you’re looking for reasonably priced pizza and wine with a chill vibe, please check out this spot next time you're in Charlotte.

We finished off the night with a glass of wine on her back porch, catching up on life and enjoying this slightlyyy cooler weather. I don’t think life gets much better than back porch nights with good friends, good music, good wine and good conversation.

Dana went to an Orangetheory class on Saturday morning (this is on my bucket list to try soon!) while I worked on some styling, picture taking and photo editing for Poshmark. Then, I met Dana for lunch at YAFO Kitchen. She picked some winners for food this weekend because this was equally amazing (and I had my leftovers for lunch today! Win!). YAFO pairs the simplicity of Mediterranean fare with bold Middle-Eastern flavors. Imagine a Moe’s/Chipotle set-up but Mediterranean style with sooo many yummy options - I had a hard time reigning myself in! I forgot to take pictures but believe me, it was delicious. Another recommendation if you’re in the Charlotte area and looking for a quick, reasonably priced lunch spot :) Finally, we did a true girlfriend date and got pedicures … and kept it super classy by bringing our own mimosas in water bottles ;) Then it was time for me to get wedding ready and head to Rock Hill.

We didn’t take any pictures this weekend but here is an oldy but goody from an Alabama Shakes concert in Charleston with my Sunday Sista

We didn’t take any pictures this weekend but here is an oldy but goody from an Alabama Shakes concert in Charleston with my Sunday Sista

I already said a little about the wedding but bear with me while I gush just a tad more. Katie picked an awesome venue in Rock Hill, SC (about 35 minutes outside of Charlotte) called Tipsy Goat Estate. The venue featured a beautiful plantation-style home and carriage house where the bride, groom and the wedding party all got ready. The actual ceremony took place right beside the creek under a huge oak tree and was just perfect. Katie and Tony wrote their own vows and it was such a beautiful, yet simple ceremony. I loved it. They had a cocktail hour out on the patio beside the house while the wedding party took pictures and then we all moved to the large barn on the estate for the reception.


THE FOOD. Oh my goodness. They decided to again go for simplicity and served pulled pork BBQ, mac-n-cheese, coleslaw and baked beans. What a great idea for a wedding! It is easy, no fuss and who doesn’t love BBQ?! They also had “craft donuts” and I may or may not have had 2 or 3 of the pumpkin spice ones. No shame in this white girl game ;) The cake was gorgeous and elegant but I sadly did not get a picture. Maybe Katie will let me share some of the professional shots with you guys in a later post :) This was a fun night filled with lots of love and sweet times with family. All the light and love to Katie and Tony as they begin this next journey in life together <3

We snuck out of the reception for some sunset pictures. Love this man &lt;3

We snuck out of the reception for some sunset pictures. Love this man <3

Sunday was a mix of work and rest. Will and I helped his parents clean up some last odds and ends back at the venue and I continued to drool over the house and estate - did I mention they have peacocks?! Put those on the (long) list of future pets I want. I think I’m going to need a farm :) After we cleaned up, we enjoyed leftovers from the night before - BBQ and more cake! Will and I watched the Panthers game with his parents and just enjoyed relaxing together. How about the Panthers win?! Gano!!! 63 year field goal - HOLY COW. He was the hero of the game for sure :)

As always Monday morning came too soon and I was on the road back to Beaufort at the lovely time of 4:00AM. GROSS.

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so thankful for sweet times like these with family and friends.

Happy Monday loves. I hope you have a sunshine-filled week!